Lay-Ups & Retirements

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When it's time to retire we offer a relaxed friendly enviroment, where your family friend won't be a made to feel like hinderance , taking up a spot that could be made avaialble for a show horse. They get individualized attention to meet the needs of your aging companion. We offer budget friendly options when paying full board is not feasible or you're close to the city and you would like for them to retire to the country life.

536 Shaffer Road - Newfield, NY 14867​

Rehabilitations and Lay-Ups 

Valley View Farm works with behavioral issues and horses coming off of injury.
We understand that not all horses learn/re-learn in the same manner, or at the same pace. Here at VVF we assess each horse individually and work within their skill sets to achieve maximum results.
Board is $700.00 a month which includes a 10x12 box stall, individual turnout, twice daily feedings, and hay as needed. At a minimum your horse will be ridden/worked 3-4 times a week or depending on progress.