Valley View Farm offers customized boarding options to fit every budget.  

Full Private Board:
Full private board provides individualized care, with a private stall and paddock; includes tailored feeding program that fits your horses’ needs.

Semi Private Board: 
Semi private board offers the same amenities with the exception of a private paddock. They will be turned out in a group setting; either in the large pasture or in a large paddock with a buddy horse.

Full Pasture Board:
With three ponds on the premise and acres to enjoy your horse will be out on green pastures 24 hours a day with access to a run-in shed. In the fall they will be turned out as appropriate in our alfalfa field to graze.​
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60X100 Outdoor Ring w/ rubber footing
50X60 Indoor Ring w/ rubber footing
                    8- 10X12 Box Stalls                     Note: most stalls can open up to be a 10x24 for foaling or Lay-ups
6 Large Paddocks
6 Large grass paddocks
50+ additional acres grass pasture
10+ acres alfalfa fields/pasture
3 Ponds
Miles and miles of trails
536 Shaffer Road - Newfield, NY 14867